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Expert Bathroom Renovations Chilliwack

Expert Bathroom Renovations in Chilliwack, Abbotsford And The Fraser Valley

Update the style and function of your Bathroom with a clean new look

Dero Construction would love to update the function and style of your bathroom for you. We have completed countless Bathroom renovations in Chilliwack, Abbotsford, and the Fraser Valley and your's could be next!

We aim to be your preferred Bathroom Renovation Contractor!


Is your current washroom looking dull, worn out, tired, or just plain outdated? We can help you fix this with a a few upgrades like new paint, tiles, adding a double sink, change of bathtub, or other minor changes, or we can perform a total bathroom remodel makeover. Either way we'll deliver the best bathroom renovation to your Chilliwack or Fraser Valley home. Our goal is to create the bathroom that you've always dreamed possible while keeping on budget and on schedule.

We provide all bathroom renovation services including: 

  • Bathroom Renovation 

  • Bathroom Design

  • Walk in Shower Installs

  • Shower Installation

  • Bathtub Installation

  • Tile Installation

  • Vanity Installation

  • Sink and Faucet Install

  • Bathtub to shower conversion

Bathroom Renovation For Your Chilliwack Home

When you need an experienced Bathroom Renovation Contractor for your Chilliwack Home, Think Dero Construction!

bathroom renovations.jpg

Bathroom Renovation

We pride ourselves in providing top notch bathroom remodels. Quality craftsmanship combined with your design will produce the bathroom you have always dreamed possible.


Small updates to a full makeover, We do it all. 

Bathroom renovation chilliwack.jpg

Bathroom Design

After we receive your request to chat, we will visit with you to discuss your remodeling ideas. We then will draw up the plans and bring them to you for editing or final approval. 


Once the plan is set, we will then start the process of renovating. 

walk in shower.jpg

Walk-in Shower Install

If you would prefer your personal cleaning area to be a walk-in rather then a bathtub with a curtain, then you came to the right place.

We love to create this transformation as it will improve your overall look, function and experience of your washroom.

shower install.jpg
Shower Installation

Need a new shower installed? Weather you need just a new sprinkler head, small updates, or you want the whole thing re-designed, we got you.

Tile or full panel back drops, new shelving, glass doors, or any other configuration you need is what we can install for you.

bathtub installation chilliwack.jpeg
Bathtub Installation

Whether you want something fancy or just a standard bathtub install, we will deliver a clean professional bathtub that you will love to soak in.

Planning on getting that big soaker tub that you always wanted? We love those too. Fast installation and always on budget!

bathroom tile installation.jpeg
Tile Installation

Tile installations can be tough to make look right when one is inexperienced. Our team has the know how to install your bathroom tiles to perfection.  We make sure to water-proof the walls to prevent the growth mold and mildew. This will keep your washroom looking fantastic for years to come.

bathtoom vanity installation chilliwack.
Bathroom Vanity Install

Bathroom Vanities can make or break the look of your new bathroom renovation.

When we do vanity installations we make sure it has the style and function that you need to not only look fantastic, but serve it's purpose as intended. Need a double sink installed? No problem!

bathroom sink and faucet installation.jpeg
Sink And Faucet install

Need new faucets or sink installed? Dero Construction likes to do both as they dramatically increase the style and function of your washroom. 

Single and multiple sink installs. Any make or model of faucet. 

Contact us to get this job done right!

bathtub to shower conversion.jpeg
Tub To Shower Conversion

Update that old tired bathtub to a shower with our Tub To Shower Conversion renovation. Sometimes a shower is all you need for a particular bathroom. It provides a better walk-in shower experience, and a very clean look. Upgrade today with this bathroom renovation!

What Will A Bathroom Renovation Cost?

What do typical bathroom renovations cost?

The cost of a bathroom renovation in Chilliwack (or the Fraser Valley) will depend on several factors. These include the size of the existing bathroom, the scope of work required, the number of fixtures that need renovating and the choice of finishes. A complete bathroom renovation, including labour and material, can range from between $15,000. and $50,000.


Of course, every bathroom renovation is different and requirements may involve anything from minor repairs, which would cost significantly less, or complete gut and rebuilds as per the pricing above. Consequently, all bathroom renovations are evaluated on a case by case basis and we will provide individual renovation estimates.


An inexpensive small washroom remodel may include the renovation of a 3-piece bathroom with vanity, toilet and combination bathtub/shower upgrades. A more detailed ensuite renovation might involve updated dual sink vanities with stone counters, custom storage units, toilet, free-standing bathtub and custom walk-in shower. Small luxuries such as heated towel bars or underfloor heating may be something to consider as well.


Our team will work with you through your Chilliwack bathroom renovation from start to finish to insure your style and material finish preferences are met. This and your renovation budget and time frame will influence the scope of work and end cost. Also, we recommend keeping a contingency amount of 10-15% for any unforeseen issues that may arise. Such issues may include wood rot or unforeseen water damage.

Our end goal is to make sure we stay on budget, on time, and to provide the most enjoyable Chilliwack bathroom renovation of your lifetime!

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Benefits Of A Bathroom Renovation

You should never think of a bathroom renovation as an extra expense. Even the smallest upgrade adds a large amount of benefits. Remember that you and most other people spend a fair amount of time in the bathroom. Regardless of what your are doing in there, which is (of course) not our business, wouldn't you prefer to do it in style and comfort?

At the very least, you don't want to do it in a place with an annoying leak, a toilet that refuses to flush, or while looking at an ugly plain wall or ceiling. You see, a renovation is not just about form, it is about function as well. Below are some things to consider in regards to treating yourself to a bathroom makeover for your Chilliwack Home.

Bathroom Renovation Benefits.webp
  • Improve the Appearance Of your Bathroom And Home:

Are you reluctant to allow visitors to your home into your bathroom because of how it looks? Maybe it is just not as clean as you prefer, or maybe, it is just not cleanable due to it being worn and aged. If you have ever felt a bit embarrassed to let friends and family to use your main bathroom, a new renovation is the cure. A fresh new look can improve the style feel of the whole home. As well as the impression it leaves on you and your visitors.

  • A Better Bathing Experience:

Rather then just having a bath to get clean, wouldn't you rather have a soothing, relaxing and enjoyable experience? New colors to make the room look bigger, clean new surfaces that look sharp, new adjustable lighting for ambiance, or a new jet soaker tub to remove the tensions of the day are just some of the ways to make your bathroom a more luxurious place to relax. (and get clean of course)

  • Add Additional Space With Minor Adjustments or Complete Renovations:

Do you feel a bit claustrophobic in your bathroom? Do you need to turn sideways to get things done? Can you reach all of your fixtures when sitting on the toilet? All of these are common issues and can be fixed with bathroom renovations. Small updates can help by adding better organized cupboards and vanity storage spaces. But if your home design allows for it, expanding the space of your bathroom into an adjacent room is always a fantastic option to consider. A larger bathroom extension renovation can make for a total transformation of the function of your bathroom.

  • Improve Your health:

Without ever knowing it, some of the unmovable structures in yourChilliwack bathroom like the walls or old faucets can contain unhealthy elements like mold and mildew. This can cause all sorts of health problems. In many bathroom renovations, we find this is the case. The fact is your bathroom is one of the most moist areas of your home and can build up these contaminates in places where you can't see them. A complete renovation can cure this as well as improving the style.

  • Save Money:

Upgrading your fixtures like a toilet or faucets to low-flow can save money on your water bill over time. Leaking faucets will drain your wallet. New low-flow fixtures can save money and perform as well as standard fixtures. Some people think that they won't have the pressure that they are used to, but they absolutely can.

  • Increase The Value Of Your Home:

At some point you might consider it is time to sell your home. An improved upgraded bathroom is always a welcomed improvement to those who might be interested to buy. Potential buyers often look to the bathrooms as a statement of the home in general. If the bathroom is nice, they assume everything else is nice as well. If it is in poor repair, they assume the opposite. Plus the new renovated bathroom will in fact add to the overall value of the home. This could even pay itself off in the case of a sale of your home. This is always a great consideration when planning your bathroom renovation Chilliwack.

Contact Us for All Your Chilliwack Bathroom Renovation Needs

We are always happy to discuss your bathroom renovation ideas with you when you want to upgrade. Call Us or click below to start a conversation about your next Chilliwack bathroom renovation project (or Abbotsford and Fraser Valley). Whether you know exactly what you want or would like some help with ideas, we want you to think of Dero Construction when you are considering a new renovation.

We aim to be your local Chilliwack Bathroom Renovation Company!

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