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  • Kitchen Renovations

  • New Cabinets

  • Complete Design

  • New Countertops

  • Tile Installation

  • Sink and faucet Replacement

Your Kitchen Renovation in Chilliwack

Update the look and function of your Chilliwack Kitchen with style

Dero Construction provides kitchen renovations and interior design services in Chilliwack, Abbotsford, and the Fraser Valley area. We are a high quality kitchen renovation contractor providing the following renovation services to dramatically improve the function and style of your home: 

Kitchen Renovation.jpg
Kitchen Renovation

Dero Construction provides complete kitchen renovation services. We will visit your home and provide an estimate on how long and how much the final sum will be. 

With your approval, we then move forward to designing your dream kitchen.

Kitchen Design.jpg
Kitchen Design

We will consult with you about the exact design you are looking for. After the plans are drawn up, we will submit our plans to you for final approval. Once agreed upon, the next step is to order the necessary products and begin the kitchen renovation

kitchen tile installation.jpg
Tile Installation

Part of the decor of your kitchen renovation is the new tile work. We are experienced in installing porcelain tiles, Travertine tiles, marble tiles, granite tiles and more for your counter top, back splash, walls and floors. You pick out the style and we take care of the rest!

kitchen cabinets.jpg
New Cabinets

For your kitchen cabinet installs we bring in our most trusted cabinet maker and contractor. They will design to your exact specifications and install them with precision. You will love the clean look of new cabinets for your kitchen renovation in Chilliwack or the Fraser Valley.

kitchen countertop.jpg
Countertop Installs

Whether you want the look of laminate, stone, tile, marble or any other configuration, We will expertly install and finish your countertops to perfection.

You will fall in love the fresh clean feel of newly installed counter tops.

kitchen flooring.jpeg
New Floor Installs

New Kitchen floors always dramatically clean up the look of a newly renovated Chilliwack kitchen. We install wood, laminate, tile, stone tile or any type of flooring you desire. 

We love the reaction from our customers when they view it for the first time!

Benefits of a Kitchen Renovation in Chilliwack

How can a Kitchen Renovation Chilliwack, Abbotsford, Fraser Valley benefit you?

Renovating your home can not only make it more pleasant to live in, but can also help increase your home value. However, certain home improvements will provide a higher return on investment than others. For a fantastic ROI, you can’t go wrong with a kitchen renovation. The following are some benefits that you get:

  1. Improved functionality – There are several things that you can do with your kitchen renovations to improve the overall function. For example, adding more cabinets or extending your existing cabinets to the ceiling can help provide more storage space. Or to take it one step further, knocking down the wall between the kitchen and living space can allow you to add more counter space. Simply upgrading some of your appliances or lighting fixtures can also help make the room more functional.

  2. Reduction of energy costs – Upgrade your older appliances to more energy-efficient models to reduce the amount of energy your kitchen uses. Make sure to get a fridge, stove, dishwasher and microwave that have the Energy Star label, which signifies that they meet or exceed the energy efficiency standards set by the B.C. Hydro. Replacing traditional lighting fixtures with LED models can be a great way to reduce your long-term energy use, not to mention they last for an extremely long time.

  3. Increase sustainability – Upgrading your appliances to more energy efficient models will help make your kitchen more eco-friendly, but it’s not the only thing you can do to create a more sustainable environment. Install low-flow water faucets to reduce your water use and consider materials that are sustainable.

  4. Update the look – If your kitchen’s visual design is trapped in the 1970’s or 1980’s, then it could probably use an update. You can change the entire appearance of your kitchen by simply painting the walls and cabinets, and by upgrading all of your cabinet hardware. Of course, you can go the extra mile and install new cabinets, new countertops and new floors. Dero Construction does it all!

  5. Improve comfort – A kitchen renovation can improve comfort in a number of ways; for example, better ventilation can help reduce the odors and heat that cooking in the kitchen produces. Installing an island that provides seating space can be a great way to add an additional dining area to your home. Adding larger windows can help bring in more sunlight.

  6. Upgrade safety – Upgrade outdated kitchen appliances to avoid injuries caused by poor function. You can also incorporate universal design, such as by installing a wall oven, to be separate from your stove top. Rounded countertops can also improve safety.

  7. Adds home value – Depending on the extent of your kitchen renovation, you could recoup as much 70 percent of your renovation costs. A newly renovated kitchen often attracts home buyers if you’re looking to sell.

How Much will my Kitchen Renovation Cost?

Know where your money is going:

Whether it’s cabinets, tiles or appliances for your kitchen renovation Chilliwack, Abbotsford or Fraser Valley, it helps to know how much each element of a kitchen renovation will most likely be. Here are the top things you’ll be spending on, including what the average Canadian spends on each during their renovation:

• New cabinets and countertops: $7,483.16
• Wood flooring: $6,392
• Stone countertops: $3,839
• Cabinets (refinishing): $3,819
• Ceramic flooring: $2,333

Obviously your actual cost will depend on the quality of materials that you choose to use for your kitchen renovation.

According to Nancy Peterson, Founder and CEO of Homestars, a website that connects consumers with contractors and other home improvement professionals, says that, according to their data, the average kitchen renovation in Canada costs around $25,000 — but, she adds, that number depends on how extensive the work is and whether you’re doing an outright gut of the space and replacing everything with new stuff. “A major renovation can cost as much as $50,000,” she explains, “especially if you’re buying high-end appliances or cabinets, which are by far the biggest expense in any kitchen renovation.”

The 20% rule

Experts say to add between 20% and 25% on top of your budget to handle unexpected costs. Based on the average cost of a Chilliwack renovation, a healthy buffer would be to add 20% above your estimated total to cover anything that pops out of the blue.

This can include dry rot in the walls, foundation issues, asbestos insulation in older homes, and more.

Having this buffer in place will assure you of a much more enjoyable kitchen renovation experience as when the unexpected happens, you were prepared and ready for it. 

Contact Dero Construction About Your Chilliwack Kitchen Renovation

Contact us about your kitchen renovation in Chilliwack, Abbotsford or the Fraser valley! Return back to the home page for information about our other renovation services.


As you can see, there are many benefits to renovating your kitchen, making it one of the best home improvements to invest in. Dero Construction are experts in this arena and we look forward to hearing about your kitchen makeover ideas!

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