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Commercial Renovations Chilliwack

When it is time for an Office Face-lift, Leasehold Improvements or Retail Renovations in Chilliwack, Abbotsford or the Fraser Valley, you can trust Dero Construction to be ready and willing to do the work. We have the experience and know-how to take on all of your commercial renovations. Weather you are looking to update, fix or completely remodel your commercial space, we do it all. 


Maybe you are looking to upgrade the company Lunchroom, Bathroom, Common Area, Conference Room, Individual Office or any other work space. You can count on Dero Construction to be fast and on budget.


Other then just wanting your commercial work space to look nice, there are many reasons why renovating your workplace is good for business:

A pleasant work environment is important for everyone, here are the 4 main advantages of renovating your workplace:


  • Leave a good first impression on your potential customers.

  • Help your employees be more productive with a better layout and organized environment. 

  • Giving your space a new look can help you retain your existing employees and attract new ones as people prefer to work in a modern, stylish office 

  • Be more energy efficient - reduce up to 40% of your energy expenses with new fixtures and outlets.

Fraser Valley and Chilliwack Commercial Renovations to make your work spaces new again!

Leasehold Improvements

Office Lunch Room Renovation.jpg

A leasehold improvement is simply a renovation made to a commercial rental property. If your rental premises need alterations, we can provide you with the best quality workmanship.

Does your commercial property need some work before it’s suitable for business tenants?

Or does your current office you're leasing need improvements?


Dero Construction specializes in leasehold improvements in Chilliwack and the Fraser Valley for commercial clients.


We will customize your project to fit your every need and want, and we work on every aspect of the project from start to finish.

This can include alterations such as painting, installing partitions, changing the flooring, putting in customized light fixtures and more.

Office Face-lifts

Are you looking to give your Chilliwack Office a Face-lift or design update?

We at Dero Construction can renovate your Chilliwack office or store to any specifications that you desire. 

Do you need office partitions? We can manage the whole project.

Is your current layout not efficient? We can help with a layout that can increase productivity to your workspace with better design. 

Does your personal office or board room need a makeover?

We specialize in transforming your commercial spaces into productive and attractive places to work.

Contact us to ask us how we can give your workspace a face-lift.

office reno.jpg

Chilliwack Commercial Renovation Services

Retail Renovations.jpg

Retail Renovations

Whether you’re launching, expanding, or renovating a retail location in Chilliwack or in the Fraser Valley, we can help.

Dero Construction retail renovation services are tailored to suit your business and your space, without high overhead costs.

We will provide full start-to-finish construction management for your unique retail space. Our goal is not only to build you a beautiful and practical space, but also to support your business goals and organizational vision.

We know retail projects have to be completed quickly and cost effectively (all without sacrificing build quality) because your business has to avoid downtime during the renovations. We make sure no detail is overlooked and complete the work in a timely manor.

Contact Us For Commercial Renovation Chilliwack Services

Contact us for any office and Commercial Renovation Chilliwack services that you require. Above is a short list of the most common Commercial renovation requests we get, but are not limited to just these services. We have the expertise to complete any project you require to be done. We are always ready to bring new life back into your Commercial spaces here and in the Fraser Valley. We will help make going to work more productive and enjoyable.

Next time you think about updating your workplace, think Dero Construction!

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